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Botanical style design for your home

The botanical design style refers to the use of plant and plant-like features in a home. The botanical design trend has been on the rise over the last 4-5 years with a desire to get back to the basics, and bring the outdoors into our homes. This trend can be seen specifically in urban areas where outdoor space is at a premium, and is distinguished by the sense of earthiness and peace that plants and floral design gives to a home. Let’s have a look at ways in which you can turn your home into a botanical, leafy haven.

Indoor plants - Indoor plants are an obvious feature of botanical design. Small plants such as Aloe vera can be placed all over the living room and kitchen, and can be beneficial not only in aesthetic value but also in purifying the air.

Wallpaper and floral-inspired patterns - If you don’t have actual plants in your home, the next best thing is to have floral themed wallpaper that can give your house an outdoor, natural feel.

Furniture - Upholstery with floral prints such as flowers, leaves and floral designs can be used on chairs, sofas, beds cushions and curtains.

Terrariums - Terrariums are small, enclosed mini gardens for plants and can be a great addition to your home. Terrariums add a botanical feel to your home and can be very pretty to look at. The only issue is that they can demand quite a lot of maintenance such as cutting and trimming. So be prepared to put in some extra hours of work if you want a beautiful terrarium that gets people talking.

The best feature of the botanical style is that it blends sophistication with natural simplicity. For those who want their homes to reflect a rustic, natural feel, the botanical style is the way to go.

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