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Covid 19 Effect on Interior Design Industry

Covid-19 has had a major effect on just about every industry in India and interior design is no exception. With people afraid to let others into their homes and anywhere near them for fear of contracting the virus, interior design companies have been out of work for the last year. As we are well aware, most interior design companies depend on migrant workers, who have gone back to their native places because of the lack of opportunities in big cities. Then when work does eventually begin again there is the cumbersome task of putting in place the standard safety measures, such as providing workers with masks and sanitizer and making sure that social distancing noms are followed on site. All these precautions are necessary to reassure skeptical clients until a vaccine is rolled out in India. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. The new world in which we will live post Covid-19 will certainly provide opportunities to interior designers who are forward thinking and willing to adapt to the new circumstances

In recent times the 'home office' has gained immense popularity. Just scroll through Instagram and you'll see a long line of beautifully designed home offices. They say that necessity is the mother of creation and this is certainly an area in interior design that will grow rapidly in the near future - Covid or no Covid. In a recent survey by SAP Concur, As much as 88% of the Indian workforce prefer to have flexibility working from home and 69% believe that their productivity has increased while working remotely.

So how does the future look for interior design companies over the next few months?

Since interior design isn't considered an essential service, people have been reluctant over the last 10 months to invest in a professional interior designer. But we feel this will create a pent up demand for interior design services, especially for the people who can afford it. As soon as the vaccine is created and distributed, people's fears will be eradicated and demand will jump to an all time high. We feel this is great news for interior design companies, who have certainly struggled over last year or so. Post Covid, people will suddenly be more attuned to the flaws in their homes and will rely on a quality interior designer to solve their issue. People will understand the importance of a well designed home not just for aesthetic purposes, but for health purposes as well. For example technology like air purifiers, indoor air quality monitoring, new filtration systems for the air and the water will be considered. Also, Ultraviolet lamps could be integrated into the home in order to kill bacterias and viruses. With all these new considerations to keep in mind for homeowners, we can certainly see interior design making a strong comeback after this Covid-19 nightmare.

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