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How to Decorate a Living Room

Your living room is a place where you spend a lot of time by yourself and also entertaining guests, friends and family. Not only should the living room look great, it should also be functional. A well decorated living room will make a great impression on the people that visit your home and will also make life much more comfortable. Below are a few tips on how to decorate your living room:

  1. Multi-functional furniture - Get more for less Eg: Sofa cum bed or even a futon can create a comfortable area for lounging around.

  2. Make use of mirrors and lighting to make the room look bigger - Mirrors placed at the right angles can create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

  3. Add the unexpected - Quirky stuff like floor lamps, colorful rugs and bright wallpaper can make your living room stand out.

  4. Mix light and dark - If your living room has too many light colors, it can feel too clean whereas if it's too dark it can feel like a dungeon. Balancing light and dark colors can give the room a depth that will add to the atmosphere.

  5. Play with different textures - Include leather, cotton, wool, metal, stone, glass, wood plant life and as many other textures as you can.

  6. Choose the right fabrics - Leather could be the right fabric for families with children and pets as it doesn’t stain easily.

  7. Add some color - Adding vivid colors to your living room is a must if you want to make the room look inviting and cheerful. A light blue is probably the safest color to go with as most people would find it agreeable.

  8. Add a rug - A well designed rug can be a great addition to any living room. It adds proportion to the room and can give the room a real sense of vitality.

  9. Space out your furniture - You might want to think of spacing out your sofas and chairs rather than having them too close together. Having them clustered together could produce a stifling feeling for family and friends. You want a gap of about 8 feet between furniture to facilitate easy and comfortable conversation.

At the end of the day your living room should reflect your personality. Don’t take the decoration too seriously. Play around with lighting, furniture, textures and color to create a room that will be functional as well as inviting to friends, family and guests.

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