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How to pick colors for your kitchen


Any homeowner will tell you that the kitchen has a very special place in a home. It is here that nourishing food is prepared for the family. A happy kitchen generally leads to a happy home. It is for this reason that we should be very careful in selecting the right color combinations for our kitchen. While there is no right or wrong way to color your kitchen, a few and guidelines should be followed:

1. Lighting - How much light coming in through the windows? If the kitchen is naturally dark then you should go with light colors. If there is lots of light coming in, darker shades would be the way to go.

2. It should match the rest of the home: The colors in the kitchen should match the rest of the home. Especially if you have an open kitchen that is joining the living room. There’s no point in having an old fashioned, dark kitchen matched with a modern living room with bright colors. Step back and take a birds eye view of the home and make sure that the kitchen Is matching the overall personality of the home.

3. Cabinets take priority - The cabinets in your kitchen usually take up about 50% of the space, so the cabinets should match the rest of the kitchen as well as the flooring with regard to color and design. The general rule is that small spaces benefit from light cabinets because they open up the kitchen, whereas larger spaces look better with dark cabinets.

4. When in doubt go neutral - Neutral colors can be the safest bet when it comes to your kitchen. A Simple white wall can blend in with the other colorful elements and accessories in the room and can make them stand out. Granite countertops are a far better option than colored countertops because they're a lot easier to keep clean.

5. Minimize decorations - When it come to the kitchen make sure that functionality takes number one priority. Leave the fancy decorations and colors to the the other rooms in the house.

There is no right or wrong way to color your kitchen. But these tips should give you some idea on how to create a kitchen that will match the personality of your home.

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