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At-Home 'Office' - A new way of working during the pandemic!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

During the last 6 months, the corona virus has spread to more than a hundred countries and killed lakhs of people. It has also caused a disruption in supply chains and financial markets.This has had a devastating effect on businesses, both small and large. 

Working from home has become the new normal for a  large chunk of the working population. With no signs of the virus going away in the foreseeable future, people will have to get used to this new style of working. 

This is especially true in a  highly populated, developing country like India. With a large number of young working professionals moving back to their native places and into their parents homes, the need for a well planned out ‘home office’ or even just a small area with a desk and chair is of the utmost importance. Because, let's face it - sitting on your bed or sofa while trying to type out that important report is only going to end up badly for your neck and back. 

Here are some simple tips to creating a home office that you can be proud of:

Invest in a quality desk: Selecting the right desk and chair for your home office is crucial. Rather than getting work done on your dining table in a haphazard manner, make sure you invest in a stylish, practical desk that puts you in the mood to work. 

Choose a desk that is big enough to fit your laptop and any other work materials like books, Ideally, your desk should be about 60 inches ( 150 cm) wide. 

Also invest in a comfortable, adjustable chair. After all,  you will be spending a good chunk of your day on it and you don’t want unnecessary neck and back pains.

Create boundaries: It can be hard to get important work done in a small home with your mum, dad, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins all cooped up in a small house while each one tries to accomplish their daily tasks. From the pressure cooker going off, to the sound of the tv or your mom gossiping with the neighbors, distractions can cost you crucial time that could’ve been spent better. If your house is on a busy street, you should make sure that your desk is not facing a window. Unnecessary distractions caused by noisy traffic or the temptation to people-watch could disrupt your rhythm. Also make sure that you are far away from the tv.

Organise your space: Nobody does their best work in a messy environment. One way to prevent clutter is to use vertical space to your advantage. Rather than chucking everything into a drawer, cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling, can hold anything from a printer to a fax machine, books etc.

Get artsy: Surround yourself with art and pictures that inspire you. You could also have inspirational quotes colorfully painted on the walls and  around your desk to give you that extra motivation. 

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